39th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment


The 39th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment is a Civil War era reenactment unit that recreates "A" Company of the Garibaldi Guard, 1861-1865. The unit which is based in Somerville, New Jersey, was created in 1999 to bring attention to the contribution made by newly arrived immigrants to the cause of the Union during the Civil War. "A Company" was composed of mostly Italian immigrants, many who had served in Europe and South America with Giuseppe Garibaldi.


The 39th New York Infantry Regiment, or “Garibaldi Guard,” organized in New York City under Colonel Frederick George D’Utassy and mustered into service for three years at Washington D.C. on June 6, 1861. The companies consisted of Germans, Hungarians, Swiss, Italians, Frenchman, Spaniards, and Portuguese.

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Capt. Jack D'Amico



Sergt. John Kroner


Corp. Tom D'Amico, Company Clerk



Mark Luongo, Historian


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